Give us a try bundle
Give us a try bundle
Leanne Grace Skin Care

Give us a try bundle

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Want to know what all the hype is about but not ready to invest too much? We completely understand that and so we wanted to create a bundle for anyone who wants to give our products a try before purchasing the full-size ones. This is also a fantastic bundle to gift to people who have never used Leanne Grace beauty products, or if you need some travel-size Leanne Grace (which we highly suggest)!

What you get in this bundle:

-2oz Blissful body butter in the scent of your choice

-1/2oz of the miracle Beauty Oil & Serum (ignore our label, it reads .25oz but you get .5oz, getting this fixed soon)

-Full size chap stick, because no one should be without this chap stick, IT'S THE BEST!!!