Miracle Day Cream
Miracle Day Cream
Miracle Day Cream
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Miracle Day Cream

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      FINALLY, we have made our iconic Miracle Beauty Oil and Serum into a daily face cream. Any skin type can enjoy this hydrating, non-greasy, anti-aging day cream. This special formula that has taken me most of two years to finalize. With multiple tests and reviews from many of my beloved followers and loyal customers, I am finally ready to say I made a face cream that I am so very proud of, and SO excited to share with you all.

Lets just talk for a moment about the ingredient list in this face cream. If these ingredients won’t excite you, then I don’t even know what will. For starters, this cream’s base is the beloved, and oh-so-popular Miracle Beauty Oil and Serum. So you get those 14 powerful and potent oils built right into your daily moisturizer in a very non-greasy, easy to apply formula.

The other top players in this formula is Hyaluronic Acid, an ingredient that is taking the skincare world by storm for very good reason! It is a moisture super-hero.

The cream is also full of incredible extracts like, ginkgo, goji berry, and green tea for a flood of anti-oxidants. Vitamin B3 is also in this formula for some extra hydration and nourishment.

This is all in a all-natural, fragrance-free, achohol-free, paraben-free, mineral oil-free, and basically anything bad-free product that could potentially change your skin’s life ;).

Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, Strawberry essence, Colloidal silver, Sunflower oil, Glycerin,Miracle Beauty oil and serum  (Rice bran oil*, Macadamia nut oil*, Jojoba oil*, Camellia oil*, Red raspberry seed oil*, Pomegranate seed oil*, Argan oil*, Carrot seed oil*, Maracuja oil*, Cranberry seed oil*, Sea buckthorn oil*, Blackberry seed oil*, Rosehip oil*, Lavender essential oil, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E) Hyaluronic acid, Emulsifying wax, Stearic acid, B3 Niacinamide, Ginkgo extract, Green Tea extract, Goji berry extract, Lucida Liquid, PhytoCide aspen bark.
Directions:  Massage into clean damp skin. You can add any of the Leanne Grace beauty oils or boosters to this moisturizer to add extra benefits. Can be used daily

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