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Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum
Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum
Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum
Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum
Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum
Leanne Grace Skin Care

Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum

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Beauty/face oils have become quite popular in the skin care world, and for a good reason.  There are so many benefits to applying precious oils directly to the skin: wrinkle reduction, anti-inflamatory, antibacterial, moisturizing, nourishing, fights free-radicals, etc. What makes The Miracle Beauty Oil & Serum so special is how it was formulated and how many oils you are getting in this bottle. We spent months researching and trying out the top beauty/face oils that range of prices from $45-$175.  We took a look at each oil used in these formulas and researched their benefits. We then mixed together what we thought to be the best oils, packing in a massive amount of 14 different oils. Most beauty/face oils only have about 1-5 oils with a couple carrier oils. So really there is no reason to waste your money on any other beauty/face oil, as this one will give you what you want and then some.
There are several ways you can use this oil: mix it with your body lotion and butters to add extra benefits, run a few drops through your hair, use it on your cuticles, and the most common is use it at night as a serum and/or night time moisturizer.  You can also use it alone as a serum and top it off with your favorite night time moisturizer or use it over your favorite serum.

The oils I use are organic and cold pressed.  Some have a slight odor, so I use a 100% pure therapeutic grade lavender oil to offset the displeasing smell.   Due to this there is a slight floral scent that does not linger long at all; I personally find it very pleasant. Lavender oil also helps to balance the skin's natural sebum levels and is antibacterial, so it is great for oily, dry, and acne prone skin.

I also have a YouTube channel and here is a video I made dedicated to the Beauty Oil & Serum if you want to watch and get some extra info :)


Q: Is this oil good for oily skin?
A: Yes, absolutely. Many people experience their skin getting less oily after using this product. Sometimes the skin is over-compensating and needs some help. This product will help to balance your natural sebum. This oil is good for ALL skin types.

Q: How do I use this product?
A: One of the wonderful things about this product is you may use it however you see best fit for you. I recommend starting by mixing it into your night time moisturizer and see how your skin likes it. 1-2 drops is all you need at a time. Then try using it alone after you cleanse and tone your face. You can rub some in your hair, on your cuticles, add it to your body moisturizers. I like to refer to it as a multi vitamin for the skin, an extra boost of nutrients.

Q: How should I apply it? Massage it into the skin or pat it into the skin?
A: I would say massage in circular upward motions.

Q: Can I break out using this?
A: Sometimes the skin can purge itself after using a product so potent, the key is to make sure your skin is very very clean before applying this. The oils penetrate deeply and we don't want them taking anything else with them into the skin. If you have a break out, try the oil out on one area of the face for at least 2 weeks and see if the skin calms down after that, bc it could just be a purging cycle which is actually very good. This happens very rarely.

Q: Will this oil help with eczema and/or psoriasis?
A: I will never give a promise that my products will do anything specific like this since everyones skin is so different, however there has been a lot of positive results with eczema and psoriasis with this product. My daughters eczema has been gone since using this on her. The oils are anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory. This is why it helps with a wide range of skin issues.

Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil*, Rice bran oil*, Macadamia nut oil*, Jojoba oil*, Camellia oil*, Red raspberry seed oil*, Pomegranate seed oil*, Argan oil*, Carrot seed oil*, Maracuja oil*, Cranberry seed oil*, Sea buckthorn oil*, Blackberry seed oil*, Rosehip oil*, Lavender essential oil, Rosemary extract, Vitamin E
*Organic ingredients

*I will be donating a portion of all profits to a few different ministries that help women and children in need.


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