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Natural Glow Body Oil 4 oz
Leanne Grace Skin Care

Natural Glow Body Oil 4 oz

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Since the miracle beauty oil and serum became so popular and was helping so many skin issues, I had to make an oil for the body.

This natural and organic body oil will not only moisturize and nourish your skin, it will add a beautiful glow, showing how healthy your skin is.

Directions:  Massage into clean damp skin. You can add drops to other moisturizers to add extra moisture and nutrients. Great for using after you exfoliate. Can be used daily.
This oil can be added to your bath, added to our lotion or body butter, or used alone.
I highly recommend when using this oil alone massaging it in right after you shower or bathe while the skin is still wet. It will seal in the moisture and the water will make  the product go a lot further.The uses are endless as well as the benefits.

Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil*, Apricot seed oil*, Jojoba oil*, Sea buckthorn oil*, Essential oil blend, Vitamin E. *Organic ingredients

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